Mesa Redonda sobre Biomateriales Sostenibles (RSB)

Excelencia en la certificación de biomasa y biocombustibles

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) standard is the world’s most rigorous standard for sustainable fuels and materials made from biomass, wastes and residues, demonstrating to regulators, investors, communities, and society at large that your company is a leader in its pursuit of sustainable development.  The RSB standard recognizes biomass and biofuel producers and processors who adhere to stringent social responsibility and environmental stewardship criteria, reaching well above minimum levels of compliance established in the 2009 and 2018 EU Renewable Energy Directive, ICAO CORSIA requirements, the Japan Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program and Environmental, Social and Governance guidelines globally. The RSB standard also provides a lifecycle greenhouse gas calculation and reporting framework for certified products allowing you to confidently report your climate action to stakeholders.

¿Por qué elegir SCS?

Benefit from our four decades of environmental and sustainability certification experience. As a global leader in third-party certification, we were not only among the first certification bodies approved to perform third-party assessments under RSB's due diligence process, but also the first to achieve full accreditation by Assurance Services International (ASI). Rely on our competitive rates, attentive service, and value to accomplish your biomass or biofuel certification needs. Once you’ve been approved through RSB, we help to streamline the process by providing you with a clear scope of work, timeline, and quote. And as an additional service, we can review the details of your project to identify factors leading to increases in risk class and potential non‐compliances with the RSB Principles and Criteria. SCS reviews your application, risk assessment and self-evaluation along with any specialist reports to identify gaps. All key factors leading to increased risk along with any potential non‐compliance will be delivered in a pre‐assessment report.

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Empresas elegibles

La certificación RSB se aplica a la producción, el procesamiento, la conversión, el comercio y el uso de biomasa y biocombustibles, y pueden solicitarla los productores y procesadores de materias primas y biocombustibles, así como los mezcladores de biocombustibles.

Alcance de la certificación

La calificación para la certificación RSB implica la evaluación de la conformidad con los criterios según los siguientes principios:

  • Legalidad
  • Planificación, seguimiento y mejora continua
  • Emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero
  • Derechos humanos y laborales, desarrollo rural y social
  • Seguridad alimentaria local
  • Conservación
  • Suelo, agua, aire
  • Uso de la tecnología, los insumos y la gestión de los residuos
  • Derechos de la tierra
  • Cadena de custodia

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