Validación de reclamaciones medioambientales

Validación de la exactitud de sus reclamaciones

In today’s environmentally savvy market, substantiating claims of environmental accomplishment is essential. While some claims fit neatly into existing certifications or can be evaluated against local, national or international standards, others are more ambiguous. An Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) from SCS can help communicate clearly in the market sustainability attributes of your product that are third-party verified providing confidence to consumers. Many claims will be based on testing performed by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. SCS can evaluate test results and examine your quality system to issue ECV certification based on that testing. Formulation verification can sometimes be the basis for claims as well. ECVs are renewed annually. Some common ECVs include No Added Formaldehyde, Totally Chlorine Free, Phthalate-Free, Rapidly Renewable, Reduced Carbon Footprint and compliance with California Senate Bill 270 for Plastic feedstocks for reusable plastic bags.

For nearly 40 years, SCS Global Services has been a global leader in third-party certification, auditing and verification. Our Customer Surveys confirm that SCS stands out for our exceptional responsiveness and customer service. SCS experts can help you determine if your product claim can be validated based on testing, formulation, or other documentation. The Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) logo can definitively communicate your claim to your customers giving them confidence in their buying decision that your claims are backed by science. Reduce reputational risk by validating your claim.

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SCS valida las declaraciones de eficiencia energética de cualquier producto en relación con una línea de base actual para esa categoría de productos.

SCS validará la no adición de formaldehído, la no adición de urea-formaldehído, el fenol-formaldehído y la urea-formaldehído extendido (según corresponda) a través del contenido, y los resultados de las pruebas de emisión, la revisión de documentos y las declaraciones del proveedor.

Libre de ftalatos
SCS validará que los productos no contengan DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP y DnOP. Los productos se validarán utilizando los resultados de las pruebas de contenido, la revisión de documentos y las declaraciones de los proveedores.

Rápidamente renovable
El SCS valida que un recurso natural se regenera completamente en un periodo de diez años sin ser modificado genéticamente o sin ser producido con productos químicos tóxicos.

Zero or Reduced VOC Content
Using universally recognized methods for determining volatile organic compound content in products, SCS validates that individual VOCs are absent, or are present within a range set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). SCS can also validate total VOC (TVOC) content and semi-volatile organic compound content.

Reclamaciones personalizadas
SCS colaborará con su equipo para identificar las reclamaciones adicionales que le gustaría que se validaran.

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