Cálculo de la huella de carbono

Preparación del inventario de GEI y evaluación de las emisiones de su organización

The global corporate business landscape is rapidly changing to meet the demands of a warming planet. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting regulations are already in effect in the EU, Australia, South Africa and new U.S. regulations are imminent. Calculating your company’s carbon footprint (Greenhouse Gas Inventory) is the starting point for reporting frameworks and an essential part of your corporate sustainability program. With 30+ years assessing carbon footprints for clients in major industries, SCS provides a one-stop-shop for assessment of your organization’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and we deliver the inventory in a format that is easy for you to maintain year over year. Our experts help you define which Scope 3 categories are material to your organization then they employ the best calculation method to build the inventory for each category. Once you have your GHG inventory, SCS helps you understand the full climate change impact throughout your value chain and can support with identification of strategies for emissions reduction. Your inventory can be used to identify emissions hotspots, set Science Based Targets (SBTI) for emissions reductions, and reporting to CDP, TCR and other reporting bodies.

¿Por qué elegir SCS?

SCS is a global leader in third party certification and auditing for nearly 40 years. We have been a trusted ESG provider utilizing our well established LCA practice and experts to develop GHG Scope 3 inventories for complex upstream and downstream categories for over 20 years. Based on our Quality Assurance Customer Surveys, SCS stands out for the exceptional quality of our work; the ethics, reliability, and thoroughness of our auditors; and our quick response and follow-up to all inquiries and ongoing requests for information. You have a choice in practitioners. Choose SCS so we can leverage our decades of experience to efficiently develop our carbon footprint inventory.

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Con más de 20 años de experiencia prestando una amplia gama de servicios relacionados con el clima, podemos ayudarle:

  • Evaluar la huella de carbono de Alcance 1, Alcance 2 y Alcance 3
  • Identificar formas de reducir las emisiones
  • Fijar objetivos de reducción de emisiones
  • Herramienta de cálculo de inventario personalizada
  • Informar a CDP, al Registro Climático o a otras plataformas de información 
  • Mejore su puntuación CDP
  • Vaya más allá de los GEI para evaluar su inventario de contaminantes climáticos de vida corta (CCVC)

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