Recycled Material Standard Certification

Certify your company’s use of recycled content to promote, celebrate and elevate your brand’s sustainability initiatives, corporate message and investment profile

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Our planet has finite resources, which is why one of the most in-demand corporate commitments is to verify and certify a company’s use of recycled content. The Recycled Material Standard (RMS) allows organizations to demonstrate their use of recycled materials through third-party certification and verification. The RMS enables companies to track, validate and communicate these claims with a certified chain of custody. A unique feature of this program is its ‘Attributes of Recycled Content’ (ARC) trading system. An ARC is similar to carbon offsets and renewable energy credits or RECs. This system allows companies to purchase and retire ARCs which generates funding to invest in expanding recycling resources and advance the use of recycled materials.

SCS Global Services, with its long-established history of providing thorough, science-based auditing and certification is the first certification body to certify to the RMS.

Why Choose SCS?

SCS Global Services has decades of experience certifying recycled content in materials ranging from packaging to building materials to textiles, jewelry and beyond. SCS is an authorized certification body for the RMS, a standard of nonprofit Greenblue, and was the first to certify companies under the RMS. SCS’s ground floor knowledge of the RMS and its customer-focused approach can assist your organization every step of the way.

SCS is a leading certifier to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), as well as the creator of the SCS Recycled Content standard.

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The Recycled Materials Standard (RMS) is a voluntary, market-based tool developed to advance the use of post-consumer and/or post-industrial recycled materials in place of virgin feedstocks. The standard serves as a vehicle for brands to track, validate and communicate recycled material claims with a certified chain of custody. According to the standard, any organization that processes or trades recycled plastic materials is eligible to seek RMS certification.

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